Educational Assessment Australia


The subjects available in Practice Online Suite are English, Mathematics and Science.

EnglishEnglish Reading and language skills in a range of texts. Students are required to locate, identify, interpret, infer and synthesise information in and about texts, focusing on the aspects of:

  • Reading for meaning in factual texts
  • Reading for meaning in literary texts
  • Syntax
  • Textual devices
  • Vocabulary
MathematicsMathematics Mathematical skills in a range of contexts from the following areas:
  • Algebra and patterns
  • Change and data
  • Measures and units
  • Number and arithmetic
  • Space and geometry
ScienceScience Scientific skills in the subject contexts of Earth and Beyond, Energy and Change, Life and Living, Natural and Processed Materials, and including:

  • Knowledge
  • Interpreting data
  • Investigating
  • Measuring and observing
  • Predicting/Concluding from data
  • Reasoning/Problem solving

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