Educational Assessment Australia

Change in skill descriptors

A second change to the assessment framework is in the way that skills are described. The previous framework was based on Bloom’s Taxonomy and used the skill words Locate, Identify, Interpret, Infer and Synthesise. The new skills descriptors will no longer reference the taxonomy, but will continue to reflect a hierarchy of skills. The new hierarchy will have only three elements:

  • Identify: students identify or locate information that is either explicitly stated or placed close to other similar information. Skill words here may include recall, locate, identify, retrieve information, sequence, recognise, list, label, match, choose, select, name, state, find
  • Understand and Explain: students demonstrate understanding of facts and ideas. Skill words here may include explain, restate, paraphrase, retell, summarise, give an example, show, interpret.
  • Analyse and Evaluate: students analyse the text and determine how parts of the text relate to each other, or evaluate the text. Skill words here may include infer, analyse, contrast, examine, evaluate, judge, hypothesise, synthesise, extrapolate, conclude, apply, generalise, predict.

The expanded range of skill words used to describe questions will more accurately reflect the thinking skills and intellectual processes required to answer each question correctly.