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Introductory Paper for Spelling

ICAS Introductory Paper for Year 2With more than thirty years experience, we know that the early years set the stage for lifelong literacy and learning. The Introductory Spelling Paper will help students succeed by measuring their spelling ability and, importantly, identifying very early in their schooling where they may need some extra help. Questions target common spelling difficulties identified by our Primary literacy experts.

ICAS Spelling for Year 2 has been developed to fill the need for an introductory formal assessment of spelling prior to NAPLAN in Year 3.

Benefits of ICAS Spelling Introductory Papers

  • A thorough independent spelling assessment developed in partnership with Macquarie Dictionary.
  • The first independent chance to understand children’s strengths and weaknesses a whole year in advance of NAPLAN.
  • Detailed online and hardcopy school reports which can inform teaching and learning programs.
  • A two page report gives parents a first independent glimpse of their child's strengths and areas that may need further development
  • Certificates because we know recognising achievement is a strong motivating factor for children’s success.

Structure of the Introductory Paper

ICAS Spelling assesses and reports on children's skills at spelling words in four different contexts: dictation, proofreading, error correction and applying rules and conventions. The words that are assessed can be organised under four types of spelling knowledge: Visual, Phonological, Morphological and Etymological.

The Introductory ICAS – Spelling test paper has 15 dictation, 15 multiple-choice and 5 proofreading questions. Students do not correct spelling errors. Students are given 25 minutes to complete the test after the conclusion of the dictation section. However, to help students navigate the various sections, each section is timed and teachers give separate instructions for each section. Students have 15 minutes to complete the multiple-choice questions and then 10 minutes to complete the proofreading questions.

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