Educational Assessment Australia

Features and Benefits

Key features of ICAS

  • High quality test materials underpinned by methodologies in psychometric measurement and Item Response Theory.
  • ICAS papers are skills-based.
  • Modern data analysis methods producing reliable information for you to use.
  • Comparison of student or school's current performance to previous years.
  • Results show the student's relative position in the test population.
  • Access to an interactive online reporting system for additional school analysis.
  • ICAS now covers Year 2.

School benefits

  • Gain an understanding of where individual students are succeeding and of any areas where they may need more focused and purposeful development.
  • Identify patterns of strength and weakness at a whole school, grade and class level that can drive better targeting of teaching programs.
  • See how students perform against their peers nationally.
  • Track learning as student progress from year to year.
  • Identify gifted students and those who may need extra help.
  • Experience in large scale examinations.
  • Enrich students' portfolios with UNSW certificates and medals.

Schools receive

  • Quality full-colour test booklets written by subject experts.
  • Answer sheets inserted into the test booklets for easy distribution.
  • An administration guide to assist supervising teachers administer ICAS.
  • Self-addressed envelopes for returning completed answer sheets for marking.
  • Detailed school reports highlighting strengths and weaknesses for each year level.
  • Access to online reports and both qualitative and quantitative data which you can analyse and download to provide a detailed picture of students’ current strengths, weaknesses and progress over time.

Each student receives

  • An engaging and challenging full-colour test booklet.
  • An individual diagnostic report containing detailed diagnostic data highlighting their strengths and areas for improvement.
  • Information about individual progress over time.
  • Access to online results which can be viewed, analysed and downloaded.
  • A UNSW Certificate acknowledging their level of achievement and potentially a University of New South Wales medal.

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