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About Data Services

data service about image At EAA, we provide Universities and Businesses with a fully managed service for data collection and analysis using scanned forms for exams and surveys. Online data collection services are also available.

We have a skilled team with over thirty years experience in:

Forms Design

We have the facilities to produce both standard and customised forms. Additional features available to enhance the look of the forms include adding colour, logos and graphics. We also offer advice on the best formatting to improve the layout of the form. Scanned forms can be printed in different sizes and as single sheets or in booklets. Additionally, bar codes or identification codes can be printed on the forms as unique features to identify your data.


Our scanners are programmed to read your specially-designed form. We use high-speed scanners and provide our valued customers with an image of each page, along with the scanned data. Scanned data is processed through a validation program to ensure that responses are checked and updated. Our scanners can also detect where a respondent has given an incomplete or ambiguous response. We can also key enter open-format responses such as comments. The use of our software, tailored to the response type, ensures the highest level of validation.


We provide the option of an online data collection service whereby respondents can answer securely.

Data Analysis

Additionally, we can provide an analysis of the data captured in a customised statistical report.


The captured data is sent to you in the report format that bests suits your requirements.

The captured data can be provided in a number of statistical report formats. 


When strict deadlines are important, we have the facilities for fast turnaround and can process exams and surveys for any number of respondents. We are happy to discuss your requirements and look at the options best suited to your needs. To obtain a quote, please email us or phone 612 8936 2200.

So for all your data collection or analysis requirements, consider using our experienced team.